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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Self-Storage Project with our Expert Architecture Services

Take your self-storage project from concept to high-performing asset. Benefit from our team's expertise in crafting layouts optimized for maximum profitability - every square foot of space engineered for revenue generation.
Navigating the maze of local building regulations and zoning codes can be a challenge, but not when you have us on your side. Our architects are adept at streamlining regulatory processes, accelerating approvals while saving you time and resources.
Integrating advanced technology and security features is a non-negotiable in today's market. We'll equip your facility with cutting-edge security and tech features, enhancing user experience while bolstering customer trust and loyalty.
Invest with us today and propel your self-storage business towards long-term success. With our architectural services, we're not just creating a building - we're crafting your future success story."

Developing a Storage Facility is overwhelming...

Here's how our in-house architect can help:

Work Directly with Consultants:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • And More

Identify Storage Unit Information:

  • Create and break down floor plans
  • Units Per Floor Area
  • Total recommend Units

Confirm Code Analysis and Compliance:

  • Applicable Codes
  • Building Setbacks
  • Land Use Zones
  • Fire Codes
  • General Building Codes

Provide Site Design, Drawings, and Mockups:

  • General
  • Civil
  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electical
  • Storage Structural

Up to 50+ Plan Sheets


25+ Documents


All At Your Fingertips

We've been developing for over a decade.

Learn from our mistakes without having to make them yourself.

Dive into the self-storage industry without expert guidance, and you might find yourself navigating a field fraught with pitfalls and unexpected challenges.
One of the biggest mistakes is poorly optimizing space - without a specialist's eye, you could miss out on maximizing your unit count and, subsequently, your potential revenue. An expert architect can help you squeeze profitability from every square inch.
Also, the complexities of local building regulations and zoning codes can be a nightmare to navigate alone. Mishandling these critical processes can lead to costly delays, or worse, legal complications. An expert can not only guide you through these hurdles but can also help you secure approvals faster.
Furthermore, self-storage customers today demand top-tier security and seamless technology integration. Falling short on these fronts can lead to a poor user experience, dwindling customer trust, and ultimately, loss of business.
Avoid these common missteps by investing in expert architectural services. Together, we can lay a strong foundation for your self-storage business, setting you on a path towards long-term success.

Meet Chuck

Our Expert In House Architect

Charles (Chuck) Tookey

Licensed Architect for 24 years.
Chuck has over 25 years of experience as a Project Architect and Designer. His attention to detail is reflected throughout his design projects. His project list includes commercial, government, residential, and Military. His Military projects range from a $ 20,000 HVAC upgrade to a $ 13,000,000 Readiness Center for the Oregon National Guard. Chuck has satisfied his client’s needs from information on a quick napkin sketch for a house to following a detailed 1390/1391 for the Army / Air National Guard.  Chuck has been in charge of every facet of the design and construction process from Programming through Construction Administration.  His first self-storage project was designed in 2003 and he has done dozens of storage facilities throughout the past two decades.


Any project that we have been involved with Maxey & Maxey, Bob Maxey and staff have contributed significantly to their success. We have found that they approach their work with a "win-win" attitude for all involved - Owner, Designer and Contractor.
It is with this long standing relationship with Maxey & Maxey Architects, their people and with highest respect that we would recommend them on any project being considered now or in the future.

Bill Mooney

President of Jordan-Wilcomb Construction, INC

The MMA support staff were very good to work with. I'd say that the entire firm was conscientious and creative in coping with an extremely difficult and complicated building project.

Timothy A Brown

University Librarian

They cover a myriad of projects both large and small that have demonstrated their expertise and keen ability to work with the customer to produce excellent results.

Lawrence F. Lafrenz

Major General | Commanding General, Idaho National Guard

We have been exceptionally impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail, and precision of projections. Each and every detail of our project has been better than what we anticipate.

Carol R. Davis

Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial

We have been very pleased in how they deal with contractors, large and small. As our representative they have insured quality and have dealt effectively with every detail as they monitored construction. Details ranged from actual construction to monitoring insurance policies, bonds, permits, etc.

William Burnham

President, The Peregrin Fund

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