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Discover how your Self-Directed IRA can become a powerful tool for financial growth and security. At Cedar Creek Capital, we specialize in unlocking the potential of self-storage investments, offering accredited investors an opportunity to diversify their portfolios with real estate. With a focus on long-term growth, equity ownership, and cash flow, we make your IRA work smarter.

Why Self-Directed IRA with Cedar Creek?

Diversify Your Investment

Invest beyond traditional stocks and bonds with robust self-storage sector.

Passive Income Stream

Generate regular, passive income through professionally managed real estate investments.

Expertise & Experience

Leverage our deep industry knowledge and track record of success since 2004.



“Everyone that I've met from Cedar Creek seems to have this moral compass, and they're doing things for the right reasons. THOSE are the people I want to get behind.”

- Mike Nubauer
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Self-Directed IRA Investment Options

Diversify Your Portfolio with Confidence

Investing in real estate through a Self-Directed IRA offers a unique opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio beyond traditional stocks and bonds. At Cedar Creek Capital, we specialize in leveraging the power of SDIRA to unlock potential in primarily self-storage investments, providing a path to stability and growth for your retirement funds.

Why Consider SDIRA for Real Estate Investing?

Control and Flexibility:
Self-Directed IRAs offer the freedom to choose from a broader range of investment options, including private placements in the self-storage sector.

Tax Advantages:
Enjoy tax-deferred or tax-free growth on your real estate investments, maximizing your returns and benefiting your retirement savings.

Potential for Higher Returns:
Real estate is known for its potential to offer higher returns compared to traditional IRA investments, especially when you invest in underperforming facilities with high growth potential.

Why Consider SDIRA for Real Estate Investing?

Cedar Creek Capital

Your Partner in SDIRA Real Estate Investing

With Cedar Creek Capital, investing in self-storage through your SDIRA is streamlined and secure. Our expertise in identifying and enhancing underperforming self-storage facilities means we can offer investment opportunities designed for long-term growth and stability. Here’s why partnering with us makes sense:

Expertise In Self-storage

Expertise In Self-storage

Invest beyond traditional stocks and bonds with robust self-storage sector.

Integrated Approach

Integrated Approach

Generate regular, passive income through professionally managed real estate investments.

Commitment to Investors

Commitment to Investors

Leverage our deep industry knowledge and track record of success since 2004.

Investing in self-storage with Cedar Creek Capital means tapping into a market with consistent demand and resilience against economic fluctuations. It's not just about diversifying your portfolio; it's about investing with confidence and vision for your financial future.

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SDIRA Real Estate Investing

Unlocking Opportunities with Cedar Creek Capital

When it comes to investing your Self-Directed IRA in real estate, choosing the right partner is crucial. Cedar Creek Capital stands at the forefront of self-storage investment, offering accredited investors unparalleled opportunities to diversify their retirement portfolios with confidence. Here's how we unlock the full potential of your investments:

A Focus on Self-Storage: A Sector with Consistent Demand

Resilience and Stability: Self-storage has demonstrated remarkable resilience against economic downturns, maintaining consistent demand.

Growth Potential
: With strategic acquisitions and value enhancement, underperforming self-storage facilities present significant opportunities for growth and cash flow improvement.

Cedar Creek Capital Advantage: Your Investment, Our Expertise

Integrated Investment Approach: From identifying opportunities to operational excellence, we manage the entire investment lifecycle, ensuring your investment is optimized for long-term success.

Transparency and Trust:
We believe in building lasting relationships with our investors through open communication and transparent operations, making your investment journey with us as clear and rewarding as possible.

Proven Track Record:
Leveraging our extensive experience in the self-storage market since 2004, we've consistently delivered on our promise of stability, growth, and investor satisfaction.

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Investing in self-storage with Cedar Creek Capital means more than just adding real estate to your portfolio. It's about making a strategic choice to invest in a sector that offers tangible benefits and aligns with your goals for financial security and growth. Our team is dedicated to identifying and capitalizing on the best opportunities in the market, ensuring that your Self-Directed IRA is positioned for success.

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Maximizing Your SDIRA's Potential

The Cedar Creek Capital Difference

Investing in real estate through a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) opens a world of opportunities not available through traditional retirement accounts. Cedar Creek Capital stands out as your premier partner in this venture, especially within the lucrative self-storage market. Here’s why our approach can make a significant difference in your investment outcomes:

Maximizing Your SDIRA's Potential

Unmatched Expertise in Self-Storage Investments

Industry Leadership: Since 2004, Cedar Creek Capital has been a pioneer in the self-storage investment space, bringing unparalleled expertise and insight to our investors.

Proven Success: Our track record speaks for itself, with a portfolio that has consistently outperformed expectations, delivering robust returns and growth to our investors.

A Strategic Approach to Investment

Market Insight: We leverage deep market analysis and trends to identify underperforming self-storage facilities with high potential, ensuring your investment is positioned for success from the start.

Through strategic improvements and management efficiencies, we unlock the hidden value in each property, enhancing cash flow and increasing the overall value of your investment.

Partnership and Transparency

Aligned Interests: At Cedar Creek Capital, we invest alongside our partners, ensuring our interests are fully aligned with those of our investors.

Open Communication: We believe in transparency and open lines of communication, providing regular updates and insights into your investment's performance.

Making a Tangible Impact

Community Enhancement: Beyond financial returns, our investments contribute to the enhancement of communities by revitalizing and improving self-storage facilities, creating jobs, and supporting local economies.

Sustainable Practices: We are committed to incorporating sustainable practices in our operations, aligning with the values of environmentally conscious investors.


Your Future, Secured with Cedar Creek Capital

Choosing Cedar Creek Capital as your SDIRA real estate investment partner means more than just gaining access to exclusive opportunities. It means partnering with a firm that is committed to your financial success, offering a blend of expertise, strategic insight, and transparent partnership that is unmatched in the industry.

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Your Future, Secured with Cedar Creek Capital


We own all of our self-storage facilities.

Understanding Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing through a Self-Directed IRA offers a unique opportunity to diversify your retirement portfolio beyond traditional investments. Cedar Creek Capital specializes in the self-storage sector, providing a robust option for those looking to enhance their investment strategy with real estate. Here's what you need to know:

Understanding Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Investing

Why Self-Storage?

Recession Resilience: Self-storage has historically shown resilience in economic downturns, often seeing increased demand during challenging times.

Growth Potential: The demand for self-storage continues to grow, driven by factors such as downsizing, moving, and the need for additional storage by small businesses.

Cedar Creek Capital's Investment Approach

Our strategy focuses on acquiring underperforming self-storage facilities and transforming them into high-performing assets through operational improvements, technological upgrades, and market repositioning. This approach has allowed us to deliver consistent, above-market returns to our investors.

The Benefits of Investing with Cedar Creek Capital

Expert Management: Our team's deep industry expertise means your investment is managed by professionals who understand how to maximize value in the self-storage market.

Passive Income: Generate a passive income stream through distributions, providing a steady cash flow to your Self-Directed IRA.

Portfolio Diversification: Real estate is a tangible asset that provides a hedge against inflation and market volatility, further diversifying your investment portfolio.

How to Get Started with SDIRA Investing in Self-Storage

Investing with Cedar Creek Capital is straightforward. Whether you're new to Self-Directed IRAs or looking to diversify your existing IRA investments, our team is here to guide you through the process, from transferring your IRA to selecting the right investment opportunity.


Addressing Your Questions

What makes self-storage a good investment for my SDIRA?

Self-storage offers resilience, growth potential, and passive income, making it an attractive option for diversifying your retirement savings.

How does Cedar Creek Capital ensure the success of its investments?

Through meticulous market analysis, strategic property improvements, and professional management, we maximize the performance and value of each investment.

Can I invest in self-storage if I'm new to Self-Directed IRAs?

Absolutely. Our team can assist you in setting up a Self-Directed IRA and guide you through the investment process.

What are the steps to start investing with Cedar Creek Capital?

Contact our team to discuss your investment goals, and we'll help you with every step, from IRA transfer to choosing your investment.

How are distributions handled for investments in self-storage?

Distributions are typically made quarterly and can be reinvested or paid out to provide a stream of passive income for your IRA.

Ready to Transform Your Retirement Savings?

Start Investing with Your IRA Today
Unlock the potential of your retirement savings with Cedar Creek Capital. By choosing to invest in the resilient and growing sector of self-storage, you're not just diversifying your portfolio; you're taking a proactive step towards securing a more prosperous financial future.

Why Wait? Your Future Begins Now.

Expertise at Your Service: Leverage our industry-leading knowledge and experience to make informed investment decisions.

Passive Income: Generate steady, passive income through strategic self-storage investments, enhancing your retirement savings.

Growth and Stability: Benefit from the resilience of the self-storage market, offering both growth potential and stability against economic fluctuations.

‍Reach out to our dedicated team to discuss your investment goals and learn how easy it is to start.


Take the First Step Towards Financial Freedom

Investing with Cedar Creek Capital is simple and straightforward. Whether you're seasoned in Self-Directed IRA investments or looking to diverse investing with Cedar Creek Capital is simple and straightforward. Whether you're seasoned in Self-Directed IRA investments or looking to diversify for the first time, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Explore Opportunities: Review our current investment offerings to find the right fit for your financial goals and retirement strategy.

Don't let another day pass without maximizing the potential of your IRA. Contact Cedar Creek Capital today and embark on a journey to financial growth and security.ify for the first time, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Expand Your Investment Knowledge

Empower Your Investment Decisions Through Learning

At Cedar Creek Capital, we believe informed investors make the most successful partners. That's why we offer a suite of educational resources designed to deepen your understanding of self-storage investing and the benefits of using a Self-Directed IRA. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the world of alternative investments, our resources are tailored to enhance your knowledge and confidence.

Expand Your Investment Knowledge

Featured Resources

Self-Storage Investing Guide: Dive into the specifics of self-storage investing, including market trends, growth potential, and why it's an essential part of a diversified portfolio.

The Benefits of SDIRA Investing
: Explore the advantages of investing through a Self-Directed IRA, from tax benefits to greater control over your retirement funds.

Webinars and Workshops:
Join our experts for live and on-demand sessions covering a range of topics, from introductory concepts to advanced investment strategies.

Case Studies: Learn from real-world examples of successful investments, showcasing the strategies and decisions that led to significant returns.

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

Keeping abreast of the latest trends and strategies in self-storage investing can give you a competitive edge. Our resources are continuously updated to reflect the evolving market landscape, ensuring you have access to the most current and relevant information.

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Investing in your knowledge is just as important as investing in your portfolio. With Cedar Creek Capital, you gain access to both.

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