Who is Cedar Creek CapitalTM?

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What does financial freedom mean to you?

Soon after my fourth child was born, I was paralyzed from head to toe due to an unexpected autoimmune disorder known as Guillain Barre Syndrome. This left me dependent on life support for several months, rendering me unable to move, eat, or even breathe and recovery unknown. Adding to my difficulties, I was let go from my high income earning career while I was still in the hospital.

Despite the extraordinary challenges my family and I faced during this time, financial security was not one of them. All because we had invested in self-storage and built our investment portfolio years prior.

Even in my incapacitated state, self-storage continued to generate income for my family. This was true financial freedom. Ensuring that my wife could provide for our children and allow all of us to focus solely on my recovery without worry of financial ruin.

It was during this time, I promised myself that if I were to survive, I would provide this same financial freedom, stability and wealth creation opportunity to you. Bringing you on as my business partner and providing you and your family a path to passive income, equity ownership, and pass-through tax benefits sought in real estate investing.

Three years after my near-death experience Cedar Creek Capital was brought to life...
Whether you're seeking financial freedom, freedom of location, freedom of time, or all three you've come to the right place.
$300 MIL+
Assets Under Management
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All aspects of our Cedar Creek Capital™ team are aligned with strong ethics and core values. Our business is based on our reputation after all.
Long Term

Meet our leadership

AJ Osborne

AJ Osborne is the CEO of Cedar Creek Capital™ and has an impressive 20 years of experience as a Self Storage owner, operator, and developer. He is the founder and board member of the largest Self Storage Co-op, Storelocal, as well as Tenant Inc—a SaaS company supporting self storage facility management. AJ has also written the No. 1 bestselling book on Self Storage Investing and hosts the top rated and listened to self-storage podcast, Self Storage Income. His expertise in the field has earned him recognition in the real estate industry, making him a go-to resource for self-storage investment advice across social media platforms.

Ron Osborne

Owner/CEO of Keylock Storage and the Co-Founder/President of Cedar Creek Capital™, Ron has been an influential leader in the storage industry for over 19 years. He served on the Storelocal Cooperative Board of Directors during the early years of guiding them to financial success and he currently serves as Chair of the Idaho Self Storage Association.

Sam Whitaker

Sam Whitaker currently holds the positions of President and Chief Financial Officer of Bitterroot Holdings, and CFO of Cedar Creek Capital™. His role at Cedar Creek Capital™ and Bitterroot Holdings as the CFO is one where Sam ensures the financing of property developments, acquisitions and refinancing of existing ventures.


Private Equity Team

Reuben Ortega
Chief Operating Officer

Reuben, is an entrepreneurial leader with a strategic mindset. With a background in law, Reuben navigates complex transitions and drives operational excellence. He excels in organizing and executing acquisitions, strategic initiatives, and key transactions, while fostering collaboration and maximizing investor value. With a focus on efficiency and productivity, Reuben's visionary leadership shapes our company's success.

Brian Mullally
Vice President of Acquisitions

Brian has supported over $48M+ in self-storage acquisitions, developments, and conversions at Cedar Creek Capital™. Brian heads the Acquisitions department that is responsible for sourcing, underwriting, negotiating, due diligence and successful closing. Prior to joining Cedar Creek Capital™, he spent 5 years in the lumber industry as an account manager. He holds a B.B.A of Economics from Grand Valley State University and lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife and dog.

Ben Benditson
Vice President of Capital Markets

Ben Benditson is the Vice President of Capital Markets at Cedar Creek Capital. With extensive experience in commercial real estate financing and capital raising, Ben plays a pivotal role in driving strategic initiatives and identifying investor opportunities that align with Cedar Creek Capital's mission of building wealth and income through innovative self-storage investments. His deep understanding of the capital markets and ability to navigate complex financial landscapes contribute to the company's continued growth and success.

Alex Ravella-Olson
Brad Anderson
Director of Business Development
Casey Klauser
Investor Relations Senior Associate
Chuck Tookey
Director of Design & Architecture
Kylie Petsche
Executive Assistant
Molly Lee
Sam Stiltner
Senior Financial Analyst
Samantha Tallman
Investor Relations Manager
Yuan Z
Content Manager
Maryanne Fasanya
Asset Manager

Self Storage admin management

Asset Management Team

Conner Skeen
Chief Operating Officer

Conner, COO of Self Storage Admin, is an experienced leader in the self-storage industry and co-host of Self Storage Income Podcast. With a background in entrepreneurship, business development, and real estate management, he brings a unique expertise to the table. Conner is dedicated to empowering others and helping aspiring self-storage entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom. Through collaboration and sharing his knowledge, he has earned respect and continues to inspire and equip others in the industry. With his unwavering dedication and high standards, Conner remains a go-to resource and mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs in the self-storage field.

Jesse Harmon
Vice President of Revenue Optimization and Marketing Strategy

Jesse Harmon is a dynamic leader in the self-storage industry, spearheading consumer marketing, revenue optimization, and commercial strategy as the driving force behind Self Storage Admin. With a keen eye for efficiency and a passion for building brand awareness, Jesse’s expertise lies in aligning marketing and revenue-producing strategies with the company’s overall vision.

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Chapman University, Jesse possesses a solid foundation in marketing and communications. Prior to his current role, he honed his skills overseeing revenue management and consumer marketing for a publicly traded hospitality company, earning a reputation for driving exceptional results and fostering meaningful customer relationships.

Beyond his corporate endeavors, Jesse actively contributes to the self-storage community as a key member of the Storelocal Marketing Board, collaborating with industry peers to shape cutting-edge marketing strategies. He also dedicates his time to giving back to the community, holding the esteemed position of Director of Marketing on his local Little League Board of Directors.

Jesse’s passion for innovation, strategic thinking, and community involvement defines him as an influential figure in the self-storage realm. His vision for the future of self-storage marketing continues to leave a lasting impact on the industry and the customers he serves.

Tricia Gonzalez
Executive Assistant
Alicia Sisco
Operations Coordinator
Alicia Valencia
Maintenance Coordinator
Chelsea Thorgrimsen
Operations Legal Claims Coordinator
Hunter Case
Maintenance Manager
Holly McCollum
Operations Manager
Jada Every
Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Miller
Sr. Manager of Operations
Sarah Ratliff
Collections Manager


Internal Support Team

Anjanette Call
Eva Lue Hale
Ila Eberhardt
Human Resource & Payroll Manager
McKay Rogers
Director of Finance
Jesse Park
IT Manager
Jody Seamons-Schuman
Corporate Paralegal
Rachel Park
Accounts Payable Clerk
Tony Gonzalez
Director of Training & Development
David Fuller
IT Desktop Support


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